Maple Star Colorado 


Maple Star began as a child placement agency and subsequently evolved into providing a continuum of care of services.  These services are all based on an understanding of trauma and the effects on the brain, emotions, and relationships.

Maple Star currently provides in-home services, called Virtual Residential Program (VRP) for a variety of populations with a specialization in trauma, autism, substance abuse, emotional challenges, juvenile justice, and adoption support.  We also serve children and youth at risk of placement or transitioning back to the community from a residential setting.   For more information, call Kim Van Auken at 303-960-7436.

M buy levitra aple Star's therapeutic mentors work with children and youth of all ages in an effort to stabilize placements, organize homes, and provide role-modeling.  Family support groups are available for those families who need an extra boost or want a tune-up during or after completion of our in-home programs.  Post-adopt support groups are available to support those families experiencing adoption challenges.

Seven Challenges is Maple Star's evidence-based substance abuse program for adolescents with an emphasis on decision-making processes, group work and journaling.  For more information, contact Kim Van Auken at 303-960-7436.

Many people ask what is different about Maple Star Colorado.  The primary distinction can be found in Maple Star's foundational emphasis on physical and emotional healing.  Paramount to the healing process is an understanding of the impact of buy propecia online trauma.  With this understanding, foster parents can create healing environments that focus on the mind-body connection and the role of the brain in trauma. Maple Star's home based program works with families to develop an understanding of trauma and how to respond to challenging circumstances and behaviors in an effective and healing manner.

Trained by the Child Trauma Academy, Maple Star is the only child placement agency and home-based therapy program in Colorado to participate in specialized training by Bruce Perry, M.D.  This training equips parents to understand the significant imprint trauma histories make on children in foster care, adoptive home, residential settings and in their own homes.

The mission of Maple Star Colorado is to assist buy priligy online and support Colorado's children as they move toward permanence.  This mission is accomplished as foster, adoptive, and birth parents and Maple Star's staff work together to provide loving and healing homes for all children and youth.




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