Affirmative Connection and Engagement Services (ACES)

ACES is the new diligent search program serving Adams County.  ACES stands for Affirmative Connection and Engagement Services.  We strive to help the youth in foster care gain lifelong connections and support in their family and community.  With every placement and transition, connections have been lost in these children’s lives.  Healthy connections are an important part of a healthy future. To flourish as an adult, it helps to know one’s origins and have a deeper knowledge related to one’s identity.

ACES assists with providing this.  We provide search services to help locate connections and information about the youth’s past.  We reach out and engage the people in a youth’s life and work to bring them together in the way that the youth and the individual decide is most beneficial.  Our engagement specialists are trained in many therapeutic tools of communication and engagement, such as motivational interviewing and trauma informed care. We want to help you make lasting connections for the youth in your care.

Simply complete a referral in records management as you would typically do requesting diligent search services, and we will begin providing services at that time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Permanency Director Brooks Kaskela at  or (303) 250 8627.