Facilitated Visitation Services

The Facilitated Visitation Services Program provides supervised visitation as well as parent coaching for the parent/child interactions.  The challenges which required the child to be initially placed out of the home can be addressed with in the visitation environment as the facilitator monitors for appropriate parent/child interaction and provides in the moment feedback and guidance during “teachable” moments.

Research demonstrates that abused and neglected children in foster care or in relative placement are in need of comprehensive visitation services.  When visits are available to parents on a more frequent basis, the resolution of the child’s situation will occur more quickly.

The highly structured and supervised format of the Facilitated Visitation Program coupled with Maple Star Colorado’s understanding and employment of Trauma Informed Care model serves more than just the purpose of supervising a visit.  The Facilitators’ coaching role supports parents in gaining a deeper understanding of their children, their role as parents and assists the parents in developing positive parenting interventions.

The Maple Star Facilitators provide the highest level of supervision for program participants.  The Facilitators remain in the doorway of the visitation room providing direct line of sight supervision as well as remaining within earshot of all communications between the child(ren) and their parent(s).  The guidelines for the visits are reviewed with the parent(s) prior to the first visit occurring so that expectations and rules are understood by all parties before visits begin.

Detailed notes regarding the Facilitators’ observations and any parent coaching provided are prepared for each visit.  The goal of the Facilitated Visitation Services Program is to support families so that they may safely move to a lower level of supervision within 6 months. If the case is not progressing toward a lower level of supervision, the Case Worker may use the detailed notes regarding the parent/ child interactions and the parents’ receptiveness to and utilization of the feedback and support provided by the Facilitated Visitation Program to help them decide on future contact plans for the family.

Questions or referrals for the Facilitated Visitation Program should be directed to :

Maple Star Colorado Facilitated Visitation Supervisor:   Christina Haskins, M.S.W.   (303) 945-0670