Parents (adoptive, foster, or kin), are you at risk of having a child removed or are you considering a voluntary placement of one of your children?  If so, we can provide support to stabilize your home to maintain your child at home.  We provide therapy, family coaching, and education to help you understand what your child needs and to set the stage for a healing journey. We are available 24/7 and will support you during crises as well.

Professionals, do you have a referral of a family who is at risk of placement of one of their foster, adopted, relative, or biological children?  If so, we can provide the in-home support and education to prevent the placement. We also offer 24/7 crises support to assist the family.  Maple Star addresses both concrete as well as therapeutic needs of the family to build stability and a healing environment.  This is completed through education, support at the times when the family is most stressed, and the identification of resources to sustain the changes the family initiates.

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