Did you know every child in foster care has been traumatized to some extent?  It would be irresponsible for Maple Star to throw you into the deep end without adequate preparation.  That’s where good training comes in.

Even if you are an experienced parent, we want you to be ready to handle the unique challenges ahead.  Children that have been abused, neglected, and abandoned cannot be parented like typical children.  And since the trauma these children encountered occurred in the context of a relationship, the healing will take place in the context of a relationship.  This is where you come in and training will help you provide the healing relationship these children so desperately need.

You will receive 27-hours of professional training on a variety of subjects:

  1. History of Foster Care
  2. How children get into foster care
  3. Working as part of a team of professionals
  4. Brain development
  5. Stages of child development
  6. Effects of Trauma
  7. Attachment, grief, loss
  8. Discipline…the dos and don’ts
  9. Administrative rules
  10. And much more


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