Maple Star provides services to multiple counties and client populations. Community programs make up a large percentage of Maple Star’s business, due to the variations in services and positive county relationships in Colorado.

Community Services include:

KEEP Program(s): KEEP stands for Key Essential Elements of Permanency and is utilized by counties to prevent removal or support reunification.  Through an emphasis on family engagement, the KEEP Program focuses on family strengths in an effort to identify their challenges, engage the families in the process, and work to create self-sufficiency. The success of the program rests on this premise and is further enhanced by the availability of the KEEP kinship staff as well as the creativity they provide in responding to a family’s needs.  The KEEP program is a strengths-based program that works in collaboration with the family and the county.

ACES Program: A diligent search program serving Adams County.  ACES stands for Affirmative Connection and Engagement Services.  We strive to help the youth in foster care gain lifelong connections and support in their family and community.  With every placement and transition, connections have been lost in these children’s lives.  Healthy connections are an important part of a healthy future. To flourish as an adult, it helps to know one’s origins and have a deeper knowledge related to one’s identity.  ACES assists with providing this.  We provide search services to help locate connections and information about the youth’s past.

Family Time Program: Provides visitation services in the community or on-site for referral agencies such as Department of Human Services or at one of Maple Star’s locations.  Maple Star supervises family time sessions for a variety of clients and provides oversight and safety for the family while also providing parent coaching as needed in an effort to coach and teach the family members engaged in the visit. Parent Coaching is provided for parents who need or want support, education, and coaching related to parenting their child or children with special needs or challenging behaviors. This service can be accessed by caseworkers for their clients as well as by private individuals who pay hourly rates for the services.

Domestic Violence Reduction Program: Maple Star’s Domestic Violence Reduction Program works with Adams County to provide psycho-educational classes and advocacy services to families and children that have currently or previously experience domestic violence dynamics in their household.

Home Studies:  Maple Star provides home study services to specific counties to meet their needs for foster parent licensure, kinship, and ICPC placements.

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