We provide trauma informed therapeutic services and skills for families and children to improve stability, cohesion, safety and empowerment.

The Division of Clinical Services at Maple Star collaborates with your family to:

  • Bring stability in times of chaos
  • Help parents understand the roots of their child’s behavior
  • Teach, model, and support parents in addressing these behaviors with trauma sensitivity
  • Mend fractures in relationships
  • Establish meaningful communication patterns
  • Support reintegration, independence, and autonomy for the life of the family

As a home-based, family-centered, and strength-based provider, Maple Star Clinical Services operates with mindfulness about sensory processing challenges and an understanding about how trauma, abuse, neglect, and multiple transitions can impact the developing brain of a child.  Clinical therapists are well-versed in the language of healing trauma with a holistic approach. Services are contextualized to meet the individual needs of families, combining the structure of residential settings with trauma-specific interventions.

We provide families, schools, and communities with an option for treatment to avoid out-of-home placements and/or to expedite successful step-down services for youth following residential or psychiatric placements.

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