Foster Care Director: Lisa Siminitus 719-231-7401 Email

Foster Care Recruitment Supervisor: Jennifer Kemp 720-990-8454 Email

Foster Care Placement Supervisor: Christi Beach 720-891-2625 Email

Foster Care Placement Coordinator: Laura Faraone 303-515-1047 Email

NORTHERN REGION: (North of Westminster)

Northern Region Recruiter: Ronda Carlson 970-324-4435 Email

Northern Region Home Supervisor: Tawny McCarty 970-690-9327  Email

Northern Region Home Supervisor: Jade Fung 970-795-2824  Email

CENTRAL REGION: (North of Castle Rock to Westminster/Denver Metro)

Central Region Recruiter: Lizzy Palmateir 720-328-7587 Email

Central Region Home Supervisor:  Cathy Kolthoff 720-818-0646Email

Central Region Home Supervisor: Maria Hernandez 719-580-4108 Email

Central Region Home Supervisor: Jessica Crandall 720-383-4443 Email

SOUTHERN REGION: (Castle Rock to Pueblo)

Southern Region Recruiter: Melissa Suazo 808-428-6720 Email

Southern Region Home Supervisor: Kim Charles 719-242-6747  Email

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