Questions Related to Foster Children Needing Placement

Question: What type of youth is likely to be referred to Maple Star for placement in specialized foster care?

Answer: Many youth are placed in foster care because of abuse and neglect. In addition, a wide variety of youth who have experienced difficulties in living in a responsible manner within the community will be referred to Maple Star. These youth will require guidance, supervision, and direction in learning more appropriate ways to cope with life. We accept referrals for children and youth between the ages of birth and 18 years.


Question: What is your highest need?

Answer: Ages 6-18, sibling groups, and high need populations such as medically fragile.


Question: What characteristics regarding the child placements does the agency allow families to specify (e.g., gender, age, etc.)?

Answer: Specifications include age, gender, number of children, sibling size, race, religious preference, behaviors and special needs.


Question: What role do foster parents play in deciding which children will come to live in their homes?

Answer: Foster parents will have the opportunity to receive all information about the children being considered for placement in their home. The final decision about whether a particular child comes to live with a family is a joint decision agreed upon by the foster family, the county worker, and the Maple Star Placement Supervisor.


Question: How many foster children can be in the home?

Answer: There can be four foster children placed in the home, and the maximum number of total children under the age of 18yrs in each home is eight, to include biological and adopted children. Exceptions can be made for sibling groups.


Question: Can foster children share a bedroom with my own child?

Answer: Yes; there must be 40 square feet of floor space for foster children in the bedroom. If two children are in the room, then the room must measure 80 sq. ft., three children 120 sq. ft., etc. Bedrooms for unrelated foster children shall not be shared by children of the opposite sex when one child is over 4yrs old.


Questions Asked About Maple Star as an Agency

Question: Does Maple Star do adoptions?

Answer: Yes, foster children are adopted by their foster parents often at Maple Star! Many foster-placements turn in to adoptive placements over time and result in wonderful adoptions!

*Note: Maple Star is NOT an Adoption Agency and therefore does not do private adoptions, or license foster-to-adopt “only” homes. Foster Parents with Maple Star must be willing foster children with the expectation of reunification before adoption-specific placement matches are explored.


Question: Does Maple Star have respite homes?

Answer: Maple Star does not license homes to do respite care only. Our providers exchange services or utilize identified family and friends who have already committed to doing respite for them. Maple Star has also launched a Respite Provider Program to certify respite providers who can go in to provide respite services in a foster-child’s foster home.


Question: What kind of support is available from Maple Star for families doing this work?

Answer: A Maple Star Home Supervisor with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in social work is available to provide monitoring, consultation services, and be a dedicated advocate for our foster parents!


+ There is a Maple Star team member available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week for on-call crisis support.

+ Maple Star also encourages foster parents to attend support groups and foster care events to build relationships, make connections, give/receive emotional support, guidance and training.

+ Maple Star has a private Facebook group for support and resource sharing.

+ Maple Star receives donations such as diapers, clothing, toys, “cases of love”, and more that are provided to families as determined a need during placement.


Question: What compensation will I receive for providing care through Maple Star?

Answer: Maple Star families are compensated based on the level of care that the child requires. This compensation averages $500-$700 per month per child. In addition, families are provided with respite pay amounting to one day of respite for every 15 days of care provided per month. Maple Star also provides each foster family with a free membership to Sam’s Club.


Questions Asked Prior to Licensure

Question: What if I have a DUI or DWAI?

Answer: If the charges are recent, within the year, more than likely you would not be approved for foster care. If the charges are more than two years old, then it will be considered on a case by case basis. If the charges are shown on the fingerprint background check, you will need to produce a disposition of charges from the county court and write a letter of explanation. The decision to license will be discussed by the entire Maple Star team.


Question: My partner or spouse has a criminal record. Can I still do foster care?

Answer: If your spouse has been convicted of a felony, it is more than likely they will be unable to do foster care. Misdemeanors are examined on a case by case basis.


Question: What are the main steps involved in becoming licensed with Maple Star as a family care provider?

Answer: The main steps include:

+ Complete a Maple Star application to become a family care provider

+ Complete a fingerprint-based criminal record check for each adult who will have regular contact with children placed in the foster family home

+ Complete a child abuse registry check with the state

+ The Maple Star Licensing Specialist will meet with family members and inspect the home using a Home Health and Safety Checklist

+ In order to be licensed with Maple Star, each prospective family care provider must complete an orientation program, involving 27 hours of training, as well as become CPR/First Aid certified.


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