We know you have an interest in family life and wanting to help children in need.  What you might not know is you cannot become a foster parent unless you work with a certified child placing agency like Maple Star.

Our role is to answer your initial questions and walk you through each step in preparing to be a foster parent.  We then match your family with a child in need and provide 24/7 post-placement support.

As we work with you, we’ll learn the special way your family is shaped.  This understanding helps us determine if you can become a foster parent and what child would be a good match for your home.  Once a child is placed in your home, we do not leave you without support.  To the contrary, you will be assigned a Home Supervisor to help you on your journey.  The Home Supervisor is usually your “first call” if a problem arises and is available during normal business hours.  Plus, since problems don’t keep a schedule, Maple Star offers a 24/7, 365-days-a-year hotline to assist you, even at 3 am!.