Foster Parent Qualifications/Steps to Licensure:

  1. Must be 21 years of age or older: married, single, divorced, or living with a partner are acceptable. We are looking for stable and nurturing individuals to provide a structured home for abused/neglected children.
  2. In good physical, mental and emotional health
  3. You and any one over the age of 18 that is currently LIVING IN YOUR HOUSE must:
    1. Pass a criminal background check which is $39.50 per person.
    2. Pass a central registry check to see if you are on the central registry for any kind of child abuse or neglect. This is $35.00 per person/couple.
    3. Compete or have completed CPR and First Aid.
  4. Pass a home inspection to ensure a safe environment for children:
    1. Each child must have their own bed. They cannot ever share a bed
    2. Must have a door to the bedroom
    3. Children over the age of 4 may not share a room with the opposite sex
  5. Supplemental income is required: Stipend cannot be a primary source of income. A family must be able to demonstrate that they are financially stable without a foster care stipend. Welfare payments are not considered earned income. Food stamps and Section 8 housing may be a concern.
  6. Complete Maple Star Training pre-licensure requirements. Additionally, 20 hours of on-going training are required each year that you are licensed.
  7. Have reliable transportation.
  8. Have a demonstrated willingness to learn non-traditional parenting techniques and commitment to preserve with children placed in home!

The process to become a foster parent:

After an initial meeting with the foster care recruiter you will be given the Maple Star application paperwork to begin the process toward licensure!