Maple Star’s Respite Relief Program was launched July 31st 2017. Maple Star’s Respite Relief Program at this time is only and internal resource for our foster parents due to its newness and size. Maple Star’s respite services brings relief to foster families, and supporting at-risk youth to prevent disruptions in the home, schools, and community.

Those interested in volunteer opportunities in the Child Welfare or Trauma realms of work; this may be a perfect fit for you! Apply now!  -Respite Program Application Download PDF

Respite providers must be:

+ At least 18 years of age

+ Familiar with the State rules and with the foster children in care to provide temporary supervision and care to the foster children in that child(ren)s identified foster family’s home.

+ Certified in CPR/First Aid

+ Cleared for the following background checks (which are collected through fingerprinting): CBI, FBI, Trails, National Sex Offender, Colorado Sex Offender.

+ Maple Star additionally requires educating respite providers and collecting signatures for relevant policies.

+ If transporting children: valid driver’s license, car insurance, and car registration.

Maple Star respite providers who are not certified foster parents must provide respite services in the foster family’s home. Foster Families are not present at the time respite is being provided. Foster families in Colorado receive $0.66 (66 cents) per day which is factored in to their monthly stipend (funded by the county the child is from) that is meant to support respite services. All respite care is private pay, from foster parent to the respite provider directly without agency involvement. A majority of Maple Star’s respite providers are compensated specifically at the daily stipend rate the foster family receives for the specific child. This is an average of $25-$30 per day.

By growing the Respite Relief program in all areas, Maple Star foster families will be able to partake in much needed self-care, our foster parents will be better able to manage the children in care in turn increasing stability and permanency for foster youth. Stable and supported foster families become a better resource for recruiting and retaining high quality foster homes.


Contact us by phone 720-990-8454 or fill out this form to learn more and apply!