Maple Star’s Virtual Residential Program (VRP) provides home-based intensive services for clients and families who may have tried multiple other therapies and interventions with minimal success.  Maple Star’s clinical teams work with the family in their journey toward healing and recovery through building an understanding of trauma and its effects on the brain, relationships, and the home environment.

Maple Star, the premier provider of trauma-specific services will meet you at the point of your greatest need and includes the following:

  • Provided in the family’s home and community
  • Implements safety contracting crisis stabilization plans
  • Provides flexible and available service delivery seven days a week
  • Services are individualized depending on the needs of the youth and family

Treatment Team Approach

  • Utilizes a treatment team approach in the planning of all services
  • VRP Treatment Team includes the client, referring agency representative, parent/guardian, schools and any other support systems or persons identified by the team

Service Delivery Includes:

  1. Crisis intervention & 24 hour response
  2. Comprehensive case-management
  3. Family therapy
  4. Individual therapy
  5. Monitoring
  6. Parenting Skills Training
  7. Communication Skills Counseling
  8. Case Coordination with other services

To find out more about how you can access the many options that Maple Star’s VRP offers, contact 303-960-7436.