Knowing the way things really work is key for getting decisions right.  The same is true for foster care and adoption.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths surrounding foster care and adoption that might cause you to think you are not qualified to do this very special work.  You might be thinking you need to own your home.  Or be financially well off.  Or be married.  Or already have an advanced degree or specialized training.  If we don’t get the right info from someone who knows, we could make the wrong choice.

So what’s your story?  Are you:

  • At least 21 years old, but less than 100?
  • Single, married, divorced, widowed?
  • A home owner, renter, live in an RV?
  • An experienced parent or brand new to the idea of influencing children?
  • Interested in learning new things?
  • At a place where you make more money than you spend?

If you are, then you might be qualified to be a foster or adoptive parent.

The point is this:  we need all kinds of people to be parents, because there are all kinds of people to parent?

Your Next Steps