Williams Foster Care

The Williams Foster Home

We know you have an interest in family life and wanting to help children in need! Our relationship focused approach to healing trauma translates to all other aspects of our agency. You will get to know your licensing specialist, trainers, home supervisor and agency directors; extending your support system and advocates for your family. We want our foster families to feel like family!

We are with you from the beginning:

As we work with you, we’ll learn the special way your family is shaped. This understanding helps us determine if you can become a foster parent and what child would be a good match for your home. We answer all your initial questions and walk with you, each step of the way in preparing to be a foster parent.

Getting your first Foster Placement is quite a rush! To ensure you don’t feel like you need to just “wing-it”, the dedicated Maple Star team you have worked with will come out to help best prepare you and begin building relationships. Once you receive your first placement your dedicated home supervisor will visit you weekly for the first six weeks and help you every step of the way as you become experts yourselves!

24/7 Access to Live Professional Support:

Once a child is placed in your home, we do not leave you without support. To the contrary, you will be assigned a Home Supervisor to help you on your journey. The Home Supervisor is usually your “first call” if a problem arises and is available during normal business hours. Plus, since problems don’t keep a schedule, Maple Star offers a 24/7, 365-days-a-year hotline with a live Maple Star professional to support you, even at 3 am!.

Interactive & Unique Curriculum:

With Maple Star, our Foster Parent Pre-Certification training is FREE!  Our families acquire a multitude of new, practical skills through our one-of-a-kind, hands-on trainings that are offered across the regions we serve including Loveland, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Pueblo.

Our curriculum incorporates trauma-healing concepts inspired by Dr. Karin Purvis. It is fun, interactive, informative, and can be translated in to many other aspects of your life aside from Foster Care! It is just one of the many reasons our Foster Parents have such success in healing youth who have experienced trauma.

Non-Discriminatory Agency:

Maple Star is a non-profit organization which has no religious affiliation or orientation. Maple Star embraces being an all-inclusive and welcoming agency, celebrating diversity and does notdiscriminate against, or coerce families or youth based on religion,ethnicity, race, sex, age, class, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression. Families and Foster Youth will never be forced to participate in or adopt practices/beliefsother than their own. Our Foster Care Department’s focus is placing youth in safe, loving, accepting, and healing homes.

Your Next Steps

  • “Maple Star is a fantastic option for those looking to foster and foster to adopt. We've worked with them for almost 5 years and couldn't be happier. They have been there to answer questions we have but most importantly, to help us and be there for us when questions and when we needed advice on how to handle situations. From the beginning, Maple Star has helped us become better parents as well as foster parents. We couldn't do this journey without them!”

    Cajka Foster Family
  • “I have been a foster parent working with Maple Star for several years now, & have been on the journey from "emergency placement" all the way to adoption recently. I have experienced great support, encouragement and knowledge of resources from this agency. I continually tell people I know who are interested in foster care/adoption, to look up Maple Star. I highly recommend this agency. Thank you!”

    Witherspoon Foster Home
  • I originally started fostering because I knew there were very few foster homes of color and I heard over and over from caseworkers that kids of color often times are harder to place and sit at the county for hours. I wanted to become a foster parent to provide a safe place for those children that are "harder to place". My best experiences as a foster parent have been knowing I've made a positive difference in the life of a child and assisted I've assisted through such a difficult time in their life. The one piece of advice I would give prospective foster families is to be sure to utilize respite and take time for yourself even if you just use the time to sleep!! I love having Maple Star as my CPA because it allows me the chance to work with many different counties.

    Juniel Foster Home