Maple Star’s parenting time program services provide a continuum of supervision and parenting time services. We provide office and community-based services to Adams, Jefferson, Denver, Larimer, Boulder, Douglas, Bromfield, and Eagle counties and on case by case referrals from other Counties. We provide parent coaching and supervision services ranging from observation to coaching and therapeutic/ clinical intervention and modeling.
The Parenting Time Program provides supervised visitation as well as parent coaching at varying levels based on client needs. Some aspects of issues that contributed to children being placed out of the home can be effectively addressed through our continuum of visitation services. As with all services provided by Maple Star, our Parenting Time Program utilizes a trauma-informed lens to address intervention and parent coaching needs necessary during a visit. The Facilitators’ role supports parents in gaining a deeper understanding of their children and related needs, their role as parents, and assists the parents in developing positive parenting strategies.

It is widely recognized that the purpose of visitation is to continue to support the bond and relationship between a child and their family members from whom they were removed and skill-building within the family which ultimately results in higher success rates for reunification. Maple Star’s trauma-informed, relationship-based model allows for families to connect and begin to heal during their time together to promote the bonding and skill development needed as a component of successful family reunification. If the case is not progressing toward a lower level of supervision, the Case Worker may use the detailed notes regarding the interactions and feedback during visits, and the parents’ receptiveness to and utilization of the feedback and support provided by the Facilitated Visitation Program, to help them decide on future goals for the family.

If you have any questions, concerns or would like to make a referral, please contact the appropriate Parenting Time Supervisor;

Northern Region Parenting Time Supervisor: Pat Pisano 970-413-3296 Email

Jefferson County Parenting Time Supervisor: Emily Craig 720-486-8182 Email

Central Region Parenting Time Supervisor: Logan Hapke 303-564-2722 Email

Parenting Time Program Director: Christine Bowles 720-298-8936 Email

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