Maple Star holds two intermediate goals for serving youth placed in Maple Star families.

  • Enhancing the probability of permanence for a child
  • Enhancing the probability of personal growth and healing

These goals are met through a partnership between foster, group home, and adoptive parents with Maple Star’s staff. Maple Star recruits, certifies, and monitors foster homes so that children may live in a safe and stable home where they begin to heal and develop a hope for the future. While this is not an easy undertaking for anyone, the benefits can be measured through the eyes of a child as they become the person they were meant to be. Consider becoming a parent for a child in Colorado.

Some of you may want to foster, some may want to adopt, some may want to be a group home; for all of you, there are children waiting for YOU! Take a risk, get involved. We need all kinds of adults to care for a variety of children and youth, ranging from babies to adolescents. Use your experience, your heart, and your talents so that you may provide a healing environment for a child.

Open your mind to foster care and adoption, open your heart to a child; then open your door to Maple Star!